Eight Flags (2017-Present) rags, flags, years, debris, oil, enamel, concrete on canvas

Dark tar-like marks with rags abstracts the surface composed of seven American flags on canvas; making the eighth flag the surface of the bigger picture. Eight flags signify the typical full term US presidency. Disillusioned by our political and social developments I choose to work in black mediums. Black is the absence of color. The color black can represent both the positive and negative. Using its power, strength, and control Eight Flags (2017 - present) has to be seen in person, confronted. Revealing new meaning in different lights the materiality of this process is personally embedded into the foundation of this work. Using non conventional methods of painting & emotive materials Flags (2017 - present) is my resistance to the hyper commercialization of the art world and the commodification of our body's under this current political regime.