There is a consensus that alternative spaces & practices are part of a continuing revitalization and transformation within our culture. Tierney’s work deals with current social and political events, offering an alternative to the spectacle that dominates, while creatively providing opposition or amendments to the otherwise corporatized; when too often mainstream art posits itself apolitically. Creating the opportunity for consciousness amidst a dominate culture that promotes passivity, infantilism, entertainment, and hyper individualism. 

Tierney's work looks at ways to obstruct, disrupt, or interfere with social norms emphasizing a relationship between the body and matter in pursuit of originality. Her paintings consist of using materials to explore definitions of materiality, abstraction, and play.  Social collaboration is also at the center of Tierney's art, conjuring dialog & critical thinking as a tool for the production of knowledge while facilitating access and usage of spaces.


Born in Minneapolis, MN 1986
Lives/works in Altadena, CA

Pasadena City College Photography


2018 “What is Gentrification Good For?” Boyle Heights, CA
Facilitated a raw 4,000 square foot space for art and dialog. Curated by ELAC ART & Animation Club the works in this show unite the creativity and diversity of each artist exploring the personal and social impact of gentrification on those living in East Los Angeles. 

2015   “347 CLARENCE”  Boyle Heights, CA
Curated by JJU Collective a survey by LA based artists in an alternative space bypassing the various economic, social, and monetary costs of exhibiting within the gallery construct.

Present-2015    Vacant Projects
Establishes relationships with under used spaces with the property owners. Leasing the vacant properties part-time, free of charge, for the arts, community events and organizations.

2009   Project Altadena/ 2200 Image Exhibition
Facilitated the residents of Altadena to depict their community using supplied disposable cameras.

2009  Altadena Arts Coalition/ Co-founded with Ben McGinty to support the local business district and the arts.

Present-2008  JJU Collective
A non-hierarchical collective of artists, united by fervent sensual and intellectual curiosity, in constant question of the
dominate culture and its role in the Art World while always offering alternatives. Established with Artists Michelle Garduño and Woody O’ Toole (2656 Altadena, CA)

2007-2008 Victoria Martin: PCC Independent Study Program in Experimental Photography
2009 Eileen Cowin: Video Artist in Residence at PCC


2019    “Emergent Matter” Garash Galeria Roma Norte, Mexico City

2019 “_Topia” James Wright Gallery Los Angeles, CA

2018      “Anatomy of Oil” Gas Gallery Los Angeles, CA
2018      “Shhh” Pasadena Hastings Branch Library Pasadena, CA
2018     “California Conversations” LAST_Projects Los Angeles, CA
2018     “Barn Social” Zorthian Ranch, Altadena, CA
2018     “KINDA QUIET” Garash Galeria Roma Norte, Mexico City  
2017      Terrain Exhibitions, Oak Park, IL JJU Collective Altadena, CA
2016     “Things-Change” Dalton Warehouse Los Angeles, CA
2015     “347 CLARENCE” Boyle Heights, CA
2013     “Figuratively Speaking” SCA Project Space Pomona, CA
2009     “Main St” Los Angeles, CA
2009     “PROJECT Altadena” Altadena, CA
2008      Emerging Photographers Exhibition Altadena, CA
2008      Annual Juried Student Exhbition by Gail Swanlund PCC Pasadena, CA