When the criteria and values of the mainstream art world have two often become those of Wall Street and the entertainment industry... Without alternatives, culture has no separation from its actions, no perspective, no mirror to see its shortsightedness no future…

There’s a consensus that alternative spaces & practices are part of a continuing revitalization and transformation within our communities. Creatively offering opposition or amendments to the resiliently corporatized capitalist, too often apolitical aesthetically limited mainstream art world. other. raw. 

Tierney’s work deals with current social and political events drawn from her own life experiences & our times. Investigating materiality to expand notions of time, space, process, and participation. Looking at ways in which materials obstruct, disrupt, or interfere with social norms, emerging as impure formations, and messy unstable substances. Emphasizing the relationship between body and matter to pursuit originality.  Her work is made from unconventional mediums and found objects. Most of her work is an amalgamation of built up layers of debris and materials such as old house paint, common building materials, such as plaster, cement, and roofing tar.  

Her current series of "Black Paintings"  are built up over time with sludge like markings using oil based paints & applied mostly by hand or hardware tools. Tierney works in painting, sculpture, and experimental photography.





Molly Tierney  b. 1986